The prominent importer
and distributor of a
compre-hensive range
of chemecals used in
the healtcare and
consumeble products

Maxway is one of the prominent importer and distributor of a compre - hensive range of chemicals used in the healthcare and consumable products industries.Established in 1975, we have excelled in these industries and have developed a profound understanding of the market dynamic.

" To provide comprehensive solutions to ever changing requirements of the health care and consumable products industries and bring the most advance chemical technology to the market "


We aim to :
maintain highest quality, complete and complimentary product portfolio
provide comprehensive technical services and be one-stop-shop for our clients
deliver our best support to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty
be in direct contact with our target markets
practice ethical business
keep up with the latest chemical technologies
constantly explore market opportunities
react promptly to any abrupt changes in our business environment
operate efficiently to ensure optimal cost structure

Our Strengths include :
Synergistic blend between technical and commercial management
Focusing on technical services e.g. formulation
Long time establishment gives company expertise and acquaintance with her area of market coverage
Good and long customer relationship
Company’s reputation in high product quality and customer support
Staff proficiency of English, Chinese and local languages communication facilitates communication between manufacturers overseas and local customers
Regular sales forces technical and selling skill training


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