About Us

   Maxway is a prominent importer and distributor of a comprehensive range of Chemicals used in the Healthcare and Consumable product industries. We offer customers the broadest range of products from leading producers across many continents including USA, Europe and Asia. Our experienced local sales and technical teams tied with our strong customers relationship network, ensure we provide differentiated and value-added solutions to our customers’ requirements – whatever their size or level of complexity


   Maxway established in 1975 by Mr. Sittipong Chatametikul a pharmacist who was keen in searching for new chemical and techniques uses in production of pharmaceutical product to improve overall production efficiency while deriving a cost effectiveness result. He had beenintroduced many new chemicals and production techniques to most of pharmaceutical factories in Thailand to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

In 1988, Maxway open up a new market in veterinary industry and later on change to Animal Feed division

As pharmaceutical and food ingredients are intersected in term of chemical uses, we had beenlong time supply our chemical to several food producers. Until 1995, we have formally set up our food sales division.

In 2000 , after 5 years of established Food Additive team, we have enter into Flavor business and set up a separate sales team for Food Flavor.

In 2010, we put our step in personal care business and have been set up a separate team for Personal care industry In 2012 , we invest in our new warehouse facility in which will support the growth of our business.

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