Distribution & warehouse

Our professional logistic, distribution and warehouse management is essential to our customer services. With more than 2,000 MT storage capacity warehouses, and our long experience team of logistic staffs organize the storage and distribution of goods essentially to ensure the right product to the right location on time at a good cost. These all involve in transportation, stock control, warehousing, and monitoring the flow of goods.

We are able to provide high-level of safety stock to avoid shortage problem. Our ware houses are planned according to GMP guideline. Our products, more than 200 items, are stored at standard storage conditions to maintain high products qualities.

Our transportation system are set adequately. We have 8 six-wheeled trucks that make us can deliver goods more than 30 MT daily. With our sufficient transportation system, we can guarantee “on-time” logistics services and even an extra delivery.

IT systems and electronic communication methods are used to keep track of stock levels, delivery times. We are able to monitor the quality, cost, and efficiency of the movement and storage of goods

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