R&D Support

With extensive laboratory equipment and our dedicated R&D staffs, we can develop product from conception to production that meets customer specification and needs within cost parameters as required by applying quality cost effective ingredients. Development of formulas with excellent characteristics, flavor, and month feel. Assist with scale up of products to routine commercial product.

We work with supplier to develop formulas for maintain excellent product quality overtime, also we keep on our researching and developing new product concepts to create food product concepts which meet industrial requirements. Our development of new product designs from concept to commercialization of base innovation, renovation, cost optimization and quality initiatives.

We also develop a prototype to support concept and idea exploratory work, reformulate according to our customer direction

Our R&D staffs also develop awareness of industry developments and pursue ingredient product or technology advances for application to new and innovative product initiatives.

Food formulation Consultant and Design services , using our quality selective ingredients to make the suitable formulation for your innovative product.

Our R&D Laboratory consist of adequate lab instrument that ready for testing both physical and chemical aspects to ensure the quality of our products before reach your door. With these instrument, our lab also be able to imitate the production process of your formulation by using our ingredients so you can see how our ingredients can be benefit to your formulation. An example of the application in which we are capable of are Beverage, Bakery, Sausage, Jam, Jelly, Canning and many more!!

We also have specialize area for Flavor laboratory, as if it is a Flavor Library with variety of flavors for your selection both Sweet and Savory flavors. All the Flavors have been carefully selected from France. Our Flavor Laboratory welcome every customers to have to your own trial at our place.

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